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It also featured workshops where topics revolving around marketing in a frictionless world were discussed by Tech expert, Yosola Atere from Nigeria, Anks Patel from the UK and Aizehi Itua from Nigeria.

In a press briefing with the agency’s Head of Brand and Comms, Aizehi Itua, he stated that there is a need to future-proof the talents in the Marketing industry and this can be achieved through knowledge transfer. This will enable them to compete favourably in their various industries.

Aizehi also stated that businesses need to have a proper understanding of the new and emerging consumers the COVID-19 Pandemic has produced to help them best position themselves for success. This event has done that expertly. We are building on our successes from last year to champion the digital transition of experiential marketing in Nigeria and this is one of our numerous platforms helping us achieve this. He added.

The event was also sponsored by Alpha and Nimbus and The Ambulance Company.

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