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The Brand Experience Company

With a track record of Leading with data, tech and innovation

Connect Marketing Services was founded in 2007 with the sole objective of increasing the lifespan and relevance of brands by assisting them in developing human-centered brand engagement solutions that produce measurable outcomes.


Connect Marketing Services is a proud member of the  Republicom Group and the Nigerian Experiential Marketers Association. We are an affiliate of Octagon Worldwide South Africa. member of the Nigerian-South African Chambers of Commerce, the Nigerian British Association, and the European Sponsorship Association (ESA).


The company has positioned itself as Africa's preferred experiential marketing company, having helped major global brands achieve measurable business and brand growth through our solutions driven by data, technology, and innovation. This is expressed through our strategic partnerships with Octagon Worldwide and footprints in Lagos and Accra.

We Love people.
We Love the Job.
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Connect Marketing Services
Connect Marketing Services

Discover the Connectors

Our Deep thinkers are constantly threading the path dreaded by others with experience and guts. These ones have curiosity, adventure and creativity running through their veins.

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