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Expert Opinion on how Nigerian brands can activate in the Metaverse

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

In the rapidly progressing world of digital innovation, Brandchat consistently brings fresh insights to the fore. On our latest thought-provoking episode, "Metaverse Immersion: Unleashing Engaging Experiences for Nigerian Brand Activation," we seeked insights from two key industry leaders: Adaramati Shogo, CEO of Alpha and Nimbus, and Osato Ewowhan, Marketing Manager of Oral Care and Skincare at Unilever Nigeria.

Adaramati Shogo and Osato Evbuomwan are trailblazers, bringing a wealth of experience and insights into the exciting opportunities and challenges the Metaverse offers. As these industry leaders shared their knowledge, it became evident that the Metaverse, while new and enticing, demands strategic forethought from brands.

Decoding Brand Intent - Adaramati Shogo

Adaramati shares his thoughts, highlighting the importance of understanding the brand’s approach and the key message it aims to communicate. He emphasizes the importance of understanding both the "what" and the "why" behind their actions, giving them purpose and clarity of mind.

Create experiences that are simple, measurable and add value - Osato Evbuomwan

According to Osato, brands must craft a memorable, immersive, seamless, and adaptive experience that remains ingrained in consumers' lives. In her insightful view, consumer engagement should go beyond the ordinary, transcending the mundane to offer an encounter that is truly unforgettable. This, she believes, entails a journey that is not only pleasurable but also valuable, enriching the lives of consumers in meaningful ways.

A Bright Horizon for Nigerian Brands

As we reflect on the insightful discussions from our thought leaders, it becomes clear that the digital world is evolving rapidly and brands need to be at the forefront of innovation to give their consumers immersive experiences. The Metaverse is no exception as a whole lot of things are happening in this universe, and many brands do not exist yet in this universe. As the Brandchat session illuminated, the Metaverse is an uncharted territory filled with immense possibilities. However, success in this domain demands a blend of strategy, understanding of your brand and its consumers, and innovation.

Metaverse is not just another marketing platform. It’s an evolutionary, quantum leap towards the future of brand and customer interaction. It presents a golden opportunity for Nigerian brands to leverage on this with our rich tapestry of culture, tradition and innovation, Nigeria brands can be a leader in this new arena and create an engaging experience for their consumers.

As brands venture into crafting engrossing experiences for consumers, it's vital to establish a seamless connection between the Metaverse and our present reality. This ensures we retain a firm grasp on actuality amid the immersive journey.

Stay connected for upcoming BrandChat episodes! We're diving deeper into branding and marketing. Don't miss our next quarterly session with industry experts. Stay tuned!

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