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KoolKids talks: how brands can create experiences for Gen-Zs

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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The pandemic year, 2020, was a paradigm-shifting year that changed everything. The coronavirus caused an abrupt acceleration in the digital revolution. The typical customer has much higher expectations than just a smooth digital transaction. Companies want anticipatory, personalized experiences throughout the entire customer journey now that they have access to their personal data. –Harvard Business Review

It is obvious that consumer expectations were already in the rise before Covid-19.

According to Statistica, The Gen-z’s are the youngsters [10-25] that make up over 25% of the Nigerian population. This generation alongside the millennials currently account for the working population of the country which places them as a viable market for brands with offerings that cater to the young population. This is because they have the market size and purchasing power needed to help any brand excel. 

The Gen-z are used to getting their information digitally, they’ve never known a world without the internet. The gen-z’s look for brands that can provide them with unique and engaging experiences for transactions. This is due to their love for flexible lifestyles. This is evident in the shift from full employment to owning businesses and doing gigs according to Amuge,2022.  They want to be incontrol of their lives and see strict laws as mediocre.

If brands want to create unique and memorable experiences for the Gen-z’s in Nigeria, it starts with understanding what they care about. Figuring this out will help in the creation of activities that will reflect their values.

How can these experiences be created? Easy

First, brands can create experiences by leveraging popular culture (pop-culture). To the generation Z, social media is real life.Local has become the new cool. The internet has also accelerated globalization which has also adulterated culture. However,  Knowing what is popular and what is in demand will be very helpful when creating experiences for the gen-z. Brands must discover their interests. The level of engagement would be driven by using what is popular in the society at that particular time to create experiences for them. Brands must study consumers’ habits and preferences before using pop culture to create experiences. It will increase engagement by understanding and addressing gen-z pop culture. Like Axe Canada; they launched a #Praise Up campaign in order to celebrate and reaffirm men’s freedom to express. They created a bond and increased engagement with their followers through this.

Furthermore, Technology can also be used to create experiences for the Gen-z’s through education and engagement. As a result of growing up in the digital age Generation Z frequently use the internet and social media Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok just to mention a few. Brands can use these platfroms on their mobile phones and laptops to create experiences for them. Brands can use virtual reality and live streaming to create a branded, interactive experience. This can even be used as external triggers for product trials and create information awareness for brands. This was used expertly by Heineken when they launched their first Metaverse Beer, Heineken Silver. While customers could not taste the beer in the Metaverse, it triggered their beer cravings.

In conclusion, Brands need to understand what the gen-z’s want and need in order to create experiences that will make them keep coming back. The Gen-z’s want brands to be true to their words, to be authentic. They want brands that can engage them and communicate with them through their preferred platforms. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating memorable experiences for gen-z in Nigeria. The dynamic nature of these elements and passion points should be harnessed to create memorable experiences. Businesses therefore have to optimize their operations and offerings to create personalized experiences for this Generation.

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