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Show your Story, Don’t Tell your Story

I have learnt something really cool over time: the power of “showing your story” I know you would be wondering what I mean by “Showing your story” but LET ME EXPLAIN! 

Seth Godin once said “Brands are built around stories and stories of the identity of who we are and where we’ve come from are the most effective stories of all”

Showing your story is a powerful way to bring brands to life. So, you know how you watch a blockbuster movie and then you run to surf YouTube to know the behind the scene story of how the movie was put together? That is the power of curiosity and that is what consumers possess. They always want to know what goes on behind the scene of every brand. Do not just display your product or services or your achievement but also show a story of how the product was done or how the service was carried out. 

Consumers are interested in authentic brands. One way to show authenticity is showing the journey through which their beloved offering is made. Process or behind the scene videos are tremendous ways to show your story. Consider experiential marketing agencies such as Connect Marketing Services as an illustration.  Activations for brands are carried out by experiential marketing agencies. When a brief is received, experiential marketing agencies can film a video of the brainstorming session, follow it through with the implementation of their plans, and then launch the brand activation. They can then post the video to all of their social media networks. That is what I meant by “Show your Story, Don’t Tell your Story” Both beautiful and unpleasant moments can be found behind the scenes.

Your customers will have a better grasp of who you are and what you stand for if you share your story. This can enable people to relate to your brand intimately, which is essential for establishing trust. Arsenal’s “All or Nothing Arsenal.” documentary took us inside the Arsenal locker room to observe how they prepare and train specifically for the forthcoming football games. In this way, we would know they are not just galivanting but putting in hard work to win and please us the fans.  This is a vivid example of showing your story.

One of my friends once helped me recognise the importance of showing your stories while creating a trustworthy brand. Storytelling includes everything from the goods you sell to the customer service you offer, and it helps to summarize how your clients perceive or view your brand as a whole. Actually, what distinguishes you from your rivals and inspires customer loyalty is your brand.

Consumers are now passionate about the environment and self-care. Brand communications will tilt towards more purpose-driven topics as brands have become more ideas-led. Brands will communicate their corporate social responsibility to build brand reputation and image some more.

Interactive marketing through Live Product videography is another excellent example of a brand that chooses to show rather than tell its story. Every time a product videographer creates a product video, he shows you the process, including his successes and failures, so you won’t assume everything went perfectly the first time. He can also get real-time feedback from consumers as well as create a sales mechanism for instant pre-orders of products. 

In conclusion, your story is important because it helps people to understand who you are and what you stand for. When customers know what your story is, they are more likely to trust and communicate with you. To create deep communication, brands should therefore leverage consumer insights and communicate in a way they can connect better with their consumers whilst staying true to their brand identity.


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