“To move people closer to financial freedom, one intelligent decision at a time.”

buddie! is a community that provides the simplest financial advisory content for young people in the core areas of spending, saving, and investing.
From research, we found that although individuals within this age group desire financial freedom, they are limited by their “save to spend” culture, the lack of guidance for investment decisions, and the perceived costs of investment products.
Target Audience:
Millennials & Gen Z’ers (16 – 27)
Positioning Statement:
For millennials and Gen Z’ers who need to make intelligent financial decisions that will ensure financial freedom in the long run, buddie! provides the simplest financial advisory content that makes all the other advice out there look like calculus.
Strategic Goals:
  1. Build the buddie! Community.
  2. Build a beloved product among Gen Z’ers.

Goal A : Build the buddie! Community (5,000 members in 1 year)

By providing the best easy to understand and apply financial advisory content for young people.

Metrics (numbers are TBD):
  • Content Shares
  • Clicks from social media
  • No. of people who take our Financial
  • Personality test
  • Conversions: Subscriber Growth

Goal B: Build a beloved product among Gen Z’ers.

By becoming the most used fintech product among Gen Z’ers (i.e. late secondary school students,
students transitioning to university and, early university students).

Why Start With Schools?
Our research shows that;
  • 47.8% of young people opened their preferred bank accounts while in university.
  • 28.8% opened it before university.
  • Onboard 100 students per university Pan-Nigeria (170 universities) = 17,000 students — FOCUS
  • Onboard 80 students per polytechnic Pan-Nigeria (132 universities) = 10,560 students
  • Onboard 10 students per private secondary schools Pan-Nigeria (13,000 schools)=130,000
Metrics (numbers are TBD):
  • x number of users
  • x number of deposits (savings) made
  • x number of saved investments
  • x number of investments made
  • x challenges completed